Name: Kody
Nickname: Tally
Age: almost 18
Age everyone assumes: Usually a lot older
Birthdate: 6/13/81 (yes, my Birthday sometimes falls on Friday the 13th)
How often forgotten: How often forgotten what? I'm very forgetfull if thats what you mean.
Sex: Male
Preference: Definatley red-heads...or blond...or...
How Often: Hey man, I'm too young for that stuff *wink*
Democrate or Republican? Can I be a Demo-republican? Or maybe a Republicrat?
Last time had date: 4/23/99
Political affiliation: Politicians, blech
Religous preference: none really
Scientific Stance: Sure! *Assumes his most scientific posture* Is this what you mean?
How many times re-incarnated: It depends on which personality you ask.
When got into modeling: about this time last year (spring)
When learned modeling: about this time last year (spring)
When started modeling cool stuff: Im still working on that part.
When first joined a modeling group: Geez, am I a freaking history book? :)
How many groups been a part of: Approximatley 2
How many currently part of: One
How many movies completed: Some here and there.
Which models: (In order) Unifnished Delta Flyer, Unfinished Norway, Unfinished Intrepid, Unfinished Borg cube...(seeing a trend here? :) ) And several of my own creations
Why got into modeling: Because its the coolest thing since sliced bread
Favorite Bands: Marilyn Manson,Three Colors Red, Placebo, Eve6, Our Lady Peace, Everclear
Last order from
Favorite kind of music: Modern Rock / Alternative
Favorite Novel: Anything by Michael Crichton
Favorite Trek Novel Mosiac
Favorite resource: The Net
Favorite Trek Reference: DS9 Tech Manual(though glairingly inaccurate in places) and the Star Trek: Captains Chair CD
Last order from I prefer to buy my books in person.
Favorite SciFi shows in order: The X-Files, Voyager, DS9.
Favorite Scifi Movies: The Matrix, Starship Troopers
Trek Movies likeable order: I havent even seen some of the classics...(I'm gonna get beat up for that one)
Favorite Breakfast: Dont have time for breakfast, but if i did, probably nothing.
Favorite Lunch: Not sure, but definatley NOT tuna.
Favorite Dinner: Pizza!
Things I can cook: Grilled cheese, Is making Kool-Aid considered cooking?
Favorite drink: Good Old Fashioned H2O
Is Mt. Dew a viable propalactic? sure, why not?
Work: School, Independant Online Graphic's and Web Page Graphic design
Position: Sitting
Job security? Yep
Been to the uni ? Will be very shortly
Dream Job: Making Big-time awesome CGI special effects for the Big Screen
Is Tachy a vampire? Oh, I'm sure of it.
How long before DaveR becomes one ? Isnt it a requirement for induction to the group, otherwise, why is Tachy biting me?:)
Will Mike ever know how to make good textures May the Force be with him.
Can TomV really model the Katana despite his bickering? May the Force be with him also. Everyone needs a little Force
How old did I think Aaron was? fetal embryo?
Who do I find most annoying: People with ducks on their heads.
Imperialistic Regimes I've brought down: Ever heard of the Martian Coalition of Mars? No? Well, theres your answer.
Quick word of Advice: Never stick a fork in a toaster, unless your into that sort of thing
Number of Fan Fiction series written: A Few
Total Stories: A Few
Number of original stories written: A couple
Mental Temperment: I'm very annoyed by large blocks of cheese
Current Medication: They never tell me, just say "Take theese little white pills", and I forget everything...
Current weather: Spring'ish
Elevation: I recommend Viagra for that.
Current Residence: Jefferson City, Missouri
Grew up: Hannibal, Missouri
GREW UP IN: A house
Born: Yes
Immortal? Havent found that out yet. lemme go fling myself off a bridge and get bakc to you.
Is this test personal enough: No, It would be personal enough if there was anatomy comparison *lol*
Would you like it to end: Take a wild guess.
Number of Animals: 1 Cat, 1 Dog, 1 Cow
Number of years computer experience 4 or 5
Wish you could kill someone: Wish? who said anything about wishing?
Number of ex-gfs I wish to exercise my 5th amendment right
Number of ex-bfs None
Number of current girlfriends: None
Number of current boyfriends None
Married: Nope
Engaged: Yes, Engaged at warp 8
Number of brothers: 0
Number of Sisters: 4
Number of Mothers: 1
Number of Fathers: 1
Avg amount of HD space devoted to porn: Oh, theres just too much to count:)
Avg amount devoted to modeling: A whole helluva lot.
Computer speed: Slower than you think....Should be taking care of that soon.
Memory: Same as the last question
Next Upgrade: More RAM, new Proccessor and probably with that a new motherboard.
Favorite Games: Reindeer Games
Done? One can only Hope.

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